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Coach Kevin is kicking off this summer with a one of a kind camp experience for the keiki of Kauai.
Exper-Tiess Super Camp is a multi-faceted summer sports program designed to teach your keiki self-confidence, sportsmanship and teamwork with a week of learning the fundamentals in a variety of sports ranging from gymnastics, basketball, soccer, swimming, kickball, volleyball, badminton and fun team building games. Meditation and visualization practices will be incorporated into each day along with a positive, motivational closing circle led by Coach Kevin that will leave the kids floating out of camp. 
Starts June 13th.

Aloha, my name is Kevin Tiess,

kevin tiess gymnastics kauai

Growing up in New York, on Long Island in a family of gymnastics coaches, I learned to tumble and walk on my hands the same time I was learning to walk on my feet.

In 1988 my Nana, Peggy Tiess, founded Exper-Tiess Gymnastics which was home to thousands of families and successful gymnasts for 30 years. 

Being active is in my blood and has been an instrumental part of my life. Having a strong foundation in gymnastics established my identity by giving me a skill set that has helped me excel physically, socially, academically and in all other areas of my life. 

I believe that instilling this generation of kids with the values and tools I learned and showing how utilizing gymnastics will empower them to live long, strong and balanced lives. 

I have been successfully building programs for kids and athletes, some of which have gone on to compete with great success on collegiate & national levels. 

My mission is to inspire and educate kids about how the benefits of gymnastics will help them to believe in themselves, become stronger to envision and achieve their dreams. 

kevin tiess gymnastics kauai
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Play Video about class
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The location for my afterschool classes is at the Kula Intermediate School on Kapuna Rd. in Kilauea. The ages of my students range from 3 years old to adult. I introduce the importance of safety, fun, balance, flexibility, body and spacial awareness as the basic elements are learned.

My carefully contoured classes make the transitions from novice to intermediate to advanced elements virtually seamless with customized progressions.

Your child will gain confidence and physical prowess through the fundamental principles of building body awareness while experiencing fun throughout the class!


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For maximum personal attention and exponential growth, my private lessons are the way to drastically shorten your child’s learning curve and have them achieve their goals fast. Private lessons are held at the class location in Kilauea or right at your home. Bring a friend or 2 as I offer semi and tri-private lessons upon request. 


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It is one of my favorite things as a coach to host and facilitate a Game Hour for the kids. A fun filled hour of team building games, races and contests that get their minds and bodies moving in unison while instilling the importance of teamwork. They have so much fun, they don’t realize they are actually getting stronger while learning. together. Game Hour with their friends fortifies present connections and creates new friendships. My specialized games for keiki are available islandwide. Join my email list to be invited to the next one. 


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Play Video about birthday party kauai
Play Video about birthday party kauai

Celebrate your child’s birthday this year with Kevin “Exper” Tiess. All parties are pro”fun”sionally led by Coach Kevin, who brings over 25 years experience performing the most memorable birthday celebrations to the island of Kauai.

Coach Kevin comes to you and rocks out for 90 minutes with super high energy gymnastics fun, team building games, lots of cheering & high fives. He gets the kids going from the” jump” with a special group birthday greeting, body rocking music & some tricks that set the tone for a fliptastic time.

Coach Kevin prides himself on making your child’s next birthday celebration one they will remember forever.


Logan has built so much upper body strength and coordination over a few short weeks. His confidence and self-esteem has also flourished under Kevin's positive attitude and encouraging spirit along with his expert knowledge of gymnastics has developed Logan's beginner gymnastics abilities far beyond my expectations. I am very pleased with my son's progress in this program and plan to continue attending. It is the highlight of his week. 
Laura Spelman
I like the fact that Coach Kevin has a "hands on" approach. He explained and helped every single time when my child needed some improvement. She knows now how to do cartwheels, rolls on the bar - monkey bar, and the bridge. Megan's strength and confidence definitely raised. She is capable to do more than before. My daughter looks forward to having a class with him. Kevin is talented, he does whatever the other coaches cannot do. He has a sense of humor and makes fun of himself. He does what he preaches.
Magdalena Mroz
Kevin has encouraged my children to believe in themselves. He pushes them to try harder and to grow and develop their skills. He makes gymnastics fun for my girls. He challenges them in a way that makes them push themselves without realizing it. He is enthusiastic positive and energetic.
Alison Maggis

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