Kevin has encouraged my children to believe in themselves. He pushes them to try harder and to grow and develop their skills. He makes gymnastics fun for my girls.

He challenges them in a way that makes them push themselves without realizing it.
He is enthusiastic, positive and energetic.
I like the fact that Coach Kevin has a “hands on” approach. He explained and helped every single time when my child needed some improvement. She knows now how to do cartwheels, rolls on the bar – monkey bar, and the bridge. Megan’s strength and confidence definitely raised. She is capable to do more than before. My daughter looks forward to having a class with him. Kevin is talented, he does whatever the other coaches cannot do. He has a sense of humor and makes fun of himself. He does what he preaches.
Logan has built so much upper body strength and coordination over a few short weeks. His confidence and self-esteem has also flourished under Kevin’s positive attitude and encouraging spirit along with his expert knowledge of gymnastics has developed Logan’s beginner gymnastics abilities far beyond my expectations. I am very pleased with my son’s progress in this program and plan to continue attending. It is the highlight of his week.
Kevin helped my daughters overcome certain fears in tumbling and pushes them when they need it. Kevin is positive, knowledgable and tough. All things needed to be a coach and making my girls advance to high levels of tumble.
Since coach Kevin been coaching my child, her self esteem with becoming a gymnast has gone through the roof. She improves every session. She looks forward coming to class and it makes me happy as a parent to see my child so eager to doing something that she loves to do. Kevin is caring, dedicated and kind. He takes his time with the girls and very patient.
Kevin is extremely outgoing and friendly. His openness and warmth put my daughters at ease. They enjoyed their session and Kevin gave helpful advice on things they can do at home to improve. He has helped my daughters grow in both their gymnastics ability and with their confidence. As a parent I appreciate he takes the time to let me know how the session went. He always gives positive feedback and praises to the kids.


I have 100% benefited from sticking with Kevin. I have learned tumbling I never had the confidence to do beforehand. It has gone beyond just tumbling, I have learned life lessons to take with me beyond cheerleading days. Kevin teaches girls to be confident in tumbling before they actively learn their techniques.
Honestly, without Kevin I wouldn’t be where I am today in my gymnastics experience. He has helped me achieve all my goals in gymnastics. Every single time I go to gymnastics, I am creating memories with him.
Kevin has helped me believe in myself because he thought me different things that I have never tried before and he gave me advice on how to do skills that I have trouble with, such as: hips squat, roundoff, double back handsprings, and leaps on the beam.
Kevin helped me believe in myself by giving me confidence. He helped me achieve my goals by giving me corrections on what’s needed to be better. Kevin is trustworthy, funny and loving.
If I had to choose 3 words to describe Kevin as my coach they would be goofy, supportive and good spotter, because he can make a joke about a skill you did while correcting you at the same time. He also encourages us to do our best at all times.
Kevin has never allowed us to be negative in any way. He has helped me to always work my hardest and believe in my capabilities. Kevin has helped me to overcome my fears for so many different skills, and for that I am so thankful. He always has a smile on his face when coming into practice and finds a way to make the day fun.
Kevin helped me believe in myself and achieve my goals when he said, you can always do it if you believe in yourself. My funniest memory with him is when he says monkeys in a funny voice, also when he throws me into the pit and when he tells funny stories about him and they make me crack up.
As my coach, Kevin has helped me believe in myself and achieve my goals by making us say: “We don’t say I can’t.” Also, even if we don’t understand something, he won’t yell and will explain it again. Kevin is funny, has courage and is hardworking.
Kevin being funny and creative makes me want to learn more. He is very funny because of all his jokes that make my day. He never gives up on anyone and doesn’t loose hope.

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